AgePlay is all about adults who enjoy dressing and acting like babies. We all know about roleplaying, where partners dress up in fun costumes for sexual enjoyment, power exchange or even stress relief.

AgePlay is a such a fun topic that it's gaining popularity all over the world. We are seeing age play references in mainstream media regularly.

Basically AgePlayis all about acting like a baby or an "Adult Baby",wearing Diapers, using pacifiers, onesies and footed pajamas are all essentials of the age play experience.

This term is used where an individual has a desire or wants to return to infancy.

This involves wearing/using Diapers and all baby related articles as well such as: Adult Pacifiers, baby bottles, baby Food and baby clothing.

Keep in mind that this fetish has nothing to do with Pedophilla. Individuals who age play are not attracted to children at all. They simply want to regress back to their childhood and 'Act Like a Baby' all over again.

It is undeniable that AgePlay is cute, fun and very new to most people. Most partners who try this fetish have reported that it is contagious and find it really enjoyable. It is very popular among partners who like to exchange power and flex their dominance within this 'AgePlay' space. It literally is all about taking care of your adult sized baby. AgePlay can be a very fun and amusing experience for the caregiver and can also be quite enjoyable for the "adult baby" who finds this treatment to be very exciting.

In many cases it is very common to have a designated space in your home much like a nursery. This fetish has increased in popularity online and in mainstream media, which has welcomed the birth of the 'Adult Baby'. The necessities would include: Adult Diapers, Pacifiers, Baby Bottles and Adult Size Cribs and a mommy or daddy figure. These accouterments are normal for all Age Players and CosPlayers.

This fetish or lifestyle is growing and skies the limit for how far you want to take your roleplay experience. Some people make it a full time experience and enjoy the Adult Baby life style. Check our website dedicated to the ABDL world that provides uniqua and amazing products for those who are interested in CosPlay/Role Play, Adult Baby, Diaper Lover and/or a Sissy Baby.

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